What are Some Fun, Cheap Ideas for Honeymoons?

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You've checked off the last item on your wedding planning to-do list, now all that you have left to do is plan the honeymoon. The problem is, you've already spent quite a bit of money on the wedding itself and aren't sure you'll be able to afford much for a nice honeymoon. Don't fret, there are still many wonderful ways to have fun when working with a tight budget. Here are a few cheap ideas for honeymoons that are sure to be enjoyable and memorable for both you and your spouse:

Go to a Town in Your State

One way to save money on your honeymoon is by spending it at a town in your state. This greatly reduces your travel costs--especially if you plan on flying, as shorter flights typically cost less money than longer flights do. Depending on the distance of the town from your current place of residence, you may even be able to drive there.

Go to a Zoo or Amusement Park

One of the best cheap ideas for honeymoons is a trip to the zoo. Zoo admission is generally less than $30 per person, so it shouldn't break the bank. If you bring your camera with you, you can take pictures of all the different wildlife you will encounter, so you will be able to remember everything you did there. If you do visit a zoo, try to stay away from the gift shops, as these tend to be very expensive. Amusement parks are another fun option. There are all kinds of rides for you to try out: from roller coasters to spinning rides and more. In general, an amusement park is a fun place to spend an entire day, and it is sure to provide a memorable experience for both of you.

Go Sightseeing

Sightseeing doesn't cost money at all, and depending on where you are staying, you may even be able to learn about the history and culture of the area. Start out by leaving your hotel and walking through the general area, taking in the sights, smells, and more. If you have cash with you, you can often sample good food that may not be available back home. Sightseeing also provides a wonderful photography opportunity, because there may be interesting architecture, animals, or other things to capture with your camera and share with those back home.

Spend Time Relaxing

If you and your new spouse don't get a lot of time to just relax and enjoy yourselves, this may be one of the best ideas of all. Rent a nice hotel in your favorite city, and just relax and unwind. Spend a day or two just lying in the room watching TV, talking, ordering room service, and enjoying each other's company. If you do decide to go out and walk around the town, make a point of going to relaxing venues like the beach or ocean, a park, or just a pretty area you may have seen on your way to the hotel.

Finding fun and interesting things to do on your honeymoon when working with a tight budget seems impossible, but in reality, it's not all that challenging. Keep in mind the tips listed above and you shouldn't have any problems finding something enjoyable and truly memorable to do.

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